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The Dan Plan


Would we all love to give away our day job & simply play golf for a living. If you haven't already hear, Dan McLaughlin is doing just that except he has goals, to become a professional golfer utilizing the key figure of 10,000 hours of practice.

Get on over to his website, support him & read about his journey, you will not be let down... expect for the fact he is living almost all of our dreams.

We first heard about The Dan Plan when surfing the web for golf info (that's how we justify it to management), immediately we said "we need to be involved" luckily for Dan he is being hassled left, right & centre with all sorts of golf related offers. With that said, Dan was kind enough to accept our offer of some gloves to trial & get his feedback.

Thankfully for us, he loved them!

In all seriousness & plugging ourselves aside, get around this young man. Follow him on social media & subscribe to his blog. We may not all be able to do what he is doing but we can support him & let be honest, live a dream through someone else who is kind enough to take us along for the ride.

Congratulations & keep up the great work Dan!