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Golf Talk Live Product of the Month - February 2015



We are pleased to have been involved with Tony, Eddie & the team at Golf Talk Live in Philadelphia. 

They have helped us a great deal with a slow but deliberate introduction into the United States. Through their social media outlets, their positioning in golf shows & needless to say, their radio show of which has numerous awards & accolades for being the best in America.

We also had the pleasure of being hosted for an interview, albeit we were sipping our morning coffee as Eddie thought about what was for dinner, it was a great few minutes to speak with somebody very clued up & respected in the golfing media.

The team also represented us at the Philly Golf Show.

We look forward to working with these guys again in the near future.

Below is a clipping of their email newsletter as well as a link to the interview.

Kakadu Golf Glove Interview With Eddie The Kid at Philadelphia Golf Show 2015