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"The Golf Ball Guy" Review July - 2016


"Kakadu Australia’s K-Leather golf glove is not another novelty golf gimmick it is the real thing. With that said it is pretty cool telling my golf buddies I’m using a kangaroo leather glove from Australia. The fit, feel, and durability are second to none when it comes to golf gloves. I would recommend this glove to golfers of all skill levels."

Checkout the full review here "The Golf Ball Guy"

The Dan Plan

Would we all love to give away our day job & simply play golf for a living. If you haven't already hear, Dan McLaughlin is doing just that except he has goals, to become a professional golfer utilizing the key figure of 10,000 hours of practice.Get on over to his website, support him & read about his journey, you will not [...]

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Golf Talk Live Product of the Month - February 2015

We are pleased to have been involved with Tony, Eddie & the team at Golf Talk Live in Philadelphia. They have helped us a great deal with a slow but deliberate introduction into the United States. Through their social media outlets, their positioning in golf shows & needless to say, their radio show of which has [...]

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Elsa Hammond - 2400 miles: 2400 women

We are very proud to be aligned with such an amazing woman, Elsa Hammond set out on the 7th of June with 2400 miles ahead of here, rowing across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii. What is more amazing is she did it solo, unsupported & all of this in a celebration of inspirational [...]

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Welcome To The Corporate Glove Family

Dal Zotto Wines join our group of clients who have had us create corporate gloves for their winery in the King Valley, Victoria.Coming together with Kakadu Golf Glove we combine two of the greatest things in life; Wine & Golf!Do yourself a favour & find yourself a bottle of these guys' wines, we're very partial [...]

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Golf Australia Pro Shop - October 2014

We are excited to show you our product in the pages of Golf Australia Magazine's monthly Pro Shop section which is showcases new & exciting products.Hope you enjoy seeing our product in the pages of such a well crafted & well followed golf magazine.

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Plugged In Golf Review - August 2014

To say we have been madly refreshing our web browsers would be an understatement. Especially based on the time difference between Australia & our friends at Plugged In Golf in America... Then we got our email to say its done!The team at Plugged In Golf have been sending a newsletter we have read & enjoyed for some [...]

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Inside Golf Review - April 2014

We were extremely excited to see our first review in the glossy pages of a magazine, better still that the magazine is an Australian magazine we have been advertising with for many years.Thanks to the team at Inside Golf Magazine Australia for their continued support.Hope you like the article.

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